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My Passion is Helping Others Succeed

My Passion is Helping Others Succeed

I’m fortunate to love what I do, having found my own life purpose. Before starting my coaching and advisory practice, I held executive roles at global businesses. Working diligently, I discovered how to become a nimble and inspiring leader.

As I advanced professionally, I realized that my greatest passion is coaching and mentoring others. I’ve always been drawn to continuous learning—applying innovative techniques and tools for greater results. I love to provide others with “the gift of knowledge.”

Why Now?

I’ve resisted having a newsletter for my entire career, mainly because there are so many of them competing for our attention.  So, now as I am writing my book, People First, I realized that I have a lot to say and am very opinionated.  In particular, I have strong convictions on growing as a leader, what prevents growth (personal and professional), and what prevents scaling in entrepreneurship.

As I’ve researched my book, I have discovered amazing resources. I keep finding things with answers to many of the questions my clients ask. Resources that most corporate executives and entrepreneurs don’t have the time to find. So, I can use this newsletter to share these resources with you.

I understand how important your time is. You are, after all, inventing the future. So the newsletter will be quarterly. For this newsletter to be of most value to you, please share what topics will be most important to you. I hope you enjoy this inaugural issue. I am just an email away,

Dare to be an Authentic Leader

Authentic leaders stand on top of four key pillars: Purpose, Earned Trust, Healthy Conflict and Mutual Accountability. I believe Shirzad Chimane’s Positive Intelligence can have a huge impact on companies and individuals. I’ve seen it personally and with clients. In early 2020 I joined the first Positive Intelligence coaches training cohort and am a certified Positive Intelligence coach. Using these tools I have seen groups transformed into self-actualized, collaborative teams with a positive work culture. The process of self-actualizing your team is one of the most important and rewarding things you as a leader can accomplish.

There are many ways our Saboteurs can wreak havoc and crumble the four pillars. Each of our Saboteurs increases our stress, anxiety and fear. Further, they  bring out the Saboteurs of those around us. Strengthening our Sage powers using empathy, exploration and innovation can likewise bring out the Sage in those around us and lead your team into a very bright future. The key is to get our Sage to run the show and catch our Saboteurs before they affect your team.

The unlikely key to achieving this is by being more vulnerable in your leadership. It sounds crazy and certainly counter-intuitive. You may have seen Brene Brown’s TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability.  The results are proven. People see vulnerability as an act of authenticity, a willingness to share and connect. As a result, respect for your leadership increases. This creates positivity for your team and reinforces the 4 core values.

So, the next time you get the opportunity to show up as your authentic self, admit your faults, have that difficult conversation or be held accountable for your own actions, consider what ways you can show up with greater vulnerability. Your team will feel safer, more willing to communicate, collaborate, and respect you more as a leader.

Empathy: A Core Leadership Skill

Here is a study by EY on the importance of empathy as a leadership skill today.  I recently had an opportunity to develop a webinar on Authentic Leadership and the role empathy and trust play in this leadership style. In addition to the presentation, I created a resource list as a handout. I am happy to share these materials with anyone who asks for them. Email my EA Michelle at admin@janismachala.comand put Authentic in the subject line for your copy of these. This was such an audience engaging webinar, that I’d love to present it as a corporate keynote or leadership group talk.

Valuable Resources On Which I Rely

HBR Subscription: Great ROI, Really a Bargain

I firmly believe that a subscription to the Harvard Business Review (HBR) is one of the best L&D investments any leader can make. It has great editorial oversight, a mix of all disciplines, makes me think, stretches my strategic muscles, teaches me new disciplines, provides the latest in leadership research and best practices, and provides great insights on innovation and entrepreneurship. Bottom line, Something relevant for my clients comes forth from every issue. Tapping into their archives regularly saves me huge amounts of time in seeking great guidance on so many topics. I never question its value. I get nothing for this plug except for your thanks.

As a subscriber, you get:

  • All of (5 new posts each week)
  • HBR print edition
  • HBR’s complete magazine and digital archive
  • Full lineup of newsletters (2 are exclusive to subscribers)
  • Podcasts and subscriber-only webinars and videos
  • Editor-curated reading lists

You can subscribe here.

UC Berkeley Greater Good Foundation

If you’re interested in actionable ideas for managers to increase positivity, culture and happiness at work look into their 3 course offering “The Foundations of Happiness at Work“, free if you audit the course.

I also highly recommend their Greater Good Magazine, also free! Great articles, book reviews and latest research.

Remote Leadership

As the world continues its shift from in person business to remote business and if you are still adjusting to this significantly remote business world, here’s another gift.  Check out my eBook, “The Modern Workplace: How to Lead a Team Remotely.”  If you are interested in its accompanying worksheet email Michelle at with Remote in the subject line.

Until next time,
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