Team Workshops

Helping your teams reach their highest potential

Achieve greater effectiveness and cohesion when your teams and colleagues work together with a clear purpose.

Team Workshops

Do you know how to guide your teams into prosperity?

There are times when being an excellent business leader isn’t enough to skillfully grow your business, solve management conflicts, or inspire your staff. You may benefit from a trusted external resource and thought partner to change-up your approach.

I offer a full range of facilitation, team coaching, and positive intelligence (PQ) programs, as well as a Women’s CEO group. I take the logistical and political pressure off of you, allowing you to fully participate, prosper and learn alongside your team.

“One of the most important things Janis helped me with is understanding I am not alone. Her Emerging CEO Group for Women has helped me see strong amazing women can be vulnerable. They have revealed that although they know they need to learn things, they still believe in their ability to succeed.”

 —Laura Hubbard, Entrepreneur


Whether you’re hosting a strategic offsite or important group meeting, I can help your team reach clearer decisions, shape better plans, and achieve outcomes with full agreement and commitment to progress.

 With my specialized facilitation services, I handle all of the logistics and keep participants on track, allowing you to be “all-in” and fully focused. I also help mitigate team conflict and other obstructions that impede team satisfaction and leadership cohesion.

Facilitation - Janis Machala
Team coaching with Janis Machala

Team Coaching

When your entire team works together with common goals and a strategic toolset, you will achieve greater long-term effectiveness. There are times, however, when 1:1 coaching isn’t the right budgetary fit.

My team coaching helps your staff become better peers and stronger leaders, as well as achieve individual growth. When I coach in a group format, you get many of the same benefits of personal coaching—methods, tools, and inspiration—in a collaborative environment.

PQ Bootcamp and PQ Grow

Positive Intelligence (PQ) Bootcamp is a seven-week small group program that helps you achieve your best performance, greatest happiness, and conflict-free relationships.

Each “pod” meets during weekly video calls and touches base daily. Combined with educational videos and team coaching, your pod will learn the PQ mental fitness operating system.

For graduates of the PQ Bootcamp, I offer a follow-on PQ Grow program. Every two weeks we’ll do a deeper dive into individual facets of the PQ operating system. We’ll assess and troubleshoot life and work situations to help with challenges such as conflict management and stress.

PQ Bootcamp with Janis Machala
Emerging CEO Group for Women

Emerging CEO Group for Women

By invitation-only, my peer coaching program for emerging growth women CEOs is designed to accelerate business success and navigate the myriad complexities of leading an early-stage venture scale growth business.

Whether you’re looking to gain access to capital, establish a business advisory network, or learn from others who’ve been in your shoes, this program is all about progress, growth, and having a support system.

Limited to 16 members, each group meets monthly and interacts frequently. Participants enjoy the environment of facilitated coaching, collaborative problem solving, moral support, and genuine camaraderie.